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Monday, January 28, 2019

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

I believe I mentioned this piece before, but worth pointing to again.

What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence and Why is it Driving me Crazy

Posted by William Vorhies 

Summary:  Advanced analytic platform developers, cloud providers, and the popular press are promoting the idea that everything we do in data science is AI.  That may be good for messaging but it’s misleading to the folks who are asking us for AI solutions and makes our life all the more difficult.

Arrgh!  Houston we have (another) problem.  It’s the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically what’s included and what isn’t.  The problem becomes especially severe if you know something about the field (i.e. you are a data scientist) and you are talking to anyone else who has read an article, blog, or comic book that has talked about AI.  Sources outside of our field, and a surprising number written by people who say they are knowledgable are all over the place on what’s inside the AI box and what’s outside.

This deep disconnect and failure to have a common definition wastes a ton of time as we have to first ask literally everyone we speak to “what exactly do you mean by that when you say you want an AI solution”.

Always willing to admit that perhaps the misperception is mine, I spent several days gathering definitions of AI from a wide variety of sources and trying to compare them.  ... " 

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