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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ops 4.0 Continuous Improvement Cycle

Transformation that does not stop, and has to react to fast  changing context of many types.

In McKinsey: 

Ops 4.0 helps businesses understand their greatest challenges, and solve ones that previously seemed beyond reach. It also means committing to a transformation that never entirely ends.

The Operations 4.0 podcast: A new continuous-improvement cycle
By Yogesh Malik and Rafael Westinner

In this final episode of the Ops 4.0 podcast series, McKinsey partners Yogesh Malik and Rafael Westinner start by discussing how Ops 4.0 enables greater predictability and precision in identifying the root causes of problems. Consequently, a company can address questions that previously seemed too resource-intensive to consider—in 80/20 terms, shifting them from the “20” category (not worth tackling) to the “80” category (worth the effort). The conversation concludes with a summary of the cultural factors that help organizations succeed in adopting Ops 4.0.  ... "  

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