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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

Had not heard of this concept.   Useful examples.  Thinking next Practices.

Three 'Next Practices' That Leverage AI And Machine Learning
 Forbes Technology Council,   By Ashok Santhanam

 If you are a CIO, VP of IT operations or some other type of IT leader, you are under constant pressure to ensure that IT systems operate at maximum efficiency. Systems must meet increasing service-level expectations in terms of performance, availability and security. In fact, you're probably already anticipating that this challenge is only going to get bigger. After all, you must deal with skills shortages and are tasked with supporting a growing number of IT initiatives such as cloud migrations, digital transformation, M&A integrations and other strategic projects. To address these challenges, you need to think about leveraging "next practices," not best practices. Let me explain.

The pace of change in today’s increasingly digitalized business environment means that what has worked in the past (as codified by "best practices") increasingly will not work moving forward. This has given rise to the concept of next practices. Next practices do not focus on improving existing processes since existing processes are becoming increasingly obsolete due to transformative technologies. Instead, they deal with the best ways to rethink your processes for the future, leveraging transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to make your processes smarter.

Let me give you three interconnected examples of how AI-powered next practices can be applied to the system incident detection and resolution process. If properly applied, they will address limitations in managing your current setup while transforming your process in a way that allows you to both meet service-level targets today and create scalability for tomorrow. ... " 

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