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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

KDNuggets: Books on Language Processing

I have read KDNuggets long before deep learning was discovered.    Love it.  The most recent post was useful for a project:

KDnuggets™ News 19:n03, Jan 16: Top 10 Books on NLP and Text Analysis; End To End Guide For Machine Learning Projects

Also: Why Vegetarians Miss Fewer Flights - Five Bizarre Insights from Data; 4 Myths of Big Data and 4 Ways to Improve with Deep Data; The Role of the Data Engineer is Changing; How to solve 90% of NLP problems: a step-by-step guide ... 

This week, check out a collection of top 10 NLP and text analysis books, see a step to step guide on the process that you can follow to implement a successful data science project, find out why vegetarians miss fewer flights (???), read about the fundamental misconception that bigger data produces better machine learning results, and find out how the role of the data engineer is changing. ... " 

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