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Friday, January 11, 2019

A Look at AI Powered Law Firms

Perhaps obvious, but an interesting example of how AI can enhance the business of law:

Artificial intelligence qualification helps law firm implement AI-powered business systems

International law firm Taylor Wessing wants to train staff in artificial intelligence so they can develop AI-powered business systems

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton in ComputerWeekly

International law firm Taylor Wessing is implementing artificial intelligence (AI) across the organisation and wants to ensure staff have the necessary skills to make the most of the technology.

Businesses have identified a serious AI skills gap, which 69% of enterprises have described as “moderate, major or extreme” due to the difficulty involved in finding skilled people to staff their new AI-driven business models.

According to Kevin Harris, IT director at Taylor Wessing, AI has the potential to greatly reduce the time lawyers spend reviewing documents, many of which can be hundreds of pages long and filled with technical legal jargon.

“We are using [AI] quite extensively in looking at things like lease reviews. We’ve got large document stores where there’s a myriad of quite complex legal terms and the AI is really helping us sort those legal terms out,” he said.

“What it’s doing for us is making things more efficient and making us quicker in service times, but it’s also really accurate, so we’re finding AI to be a good quality check as well.”

The law firm is using an AI platform from Rainbird, which is also providing a formal certification programme that leads to a three-stage artificial intelligence qualification, in an effort to upskill Taylor Wessing’s employees and embrace technological change in a positive way.  .... "

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