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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Seeing Around the Corner

More examples of seeing normally hidden objects.

Program Allows Ordinary Digital Camera to See Round Corners 
The Guardian   by Ian Sample

Boston University researchers have demonstrated a computer program that turns a normal digital camera into a periscope, allowing the camera to see details of objects hidden from view around a corner by analyzing shadows they cast on a nearby wall. The program relies on algorithms that use the combination of light and shade at different points on the wall to reconstruct what lies around the corner. In testing, the program pieced together hidden images of video game characters, as well as colored strips and the letters "BU." Said Martin Laurenzis, an imaging expert at the French–German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, “The technique could be used by vehicles to avoid collisions, and by firefighters and first responders to look into burning or collapsed structures.”  .... "

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