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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Samsung Bixby to Expand

Despite my less than stellar interaction with Samsung appliances, we saw that they were likely to be champions in the Smart Home through sheer presence in complex devices.  Saw a demo of their Tizen systems in our own innovation settings, with indications of AI abilities.

Recall Samsung's acquisition of Harman-Kardon for advanced audio.  Now since, their Bixby voice recognition and intelligence is expanding, I will be following.  What will appliances and smart home look like in 2020?   Expect to hear much more of this

Samsung to expand Bixby, voice recognition features to more smart home appliances by 2020 By Deidre Richardson

For four consecutive quarters up through May, Samsung has dominated the home appliances market. With the announcement of the Galaxy Note 8 and its expanded Bixby capabilities such as Quick Commands (using small phrases to perform multiple actions simultaneously), as well as the global rollout of Bixby voice in English to over 200 countries earlier this week, Samsung is making a firm statement: that its Bixby AI, whether you want it or not, is here to stay. ... " 

Coverage of other AI Assistant systems in this blog.

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