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Saturday, August 19, 2017

More Replenishment

More looks at the retail replenishment angle,  with discussion,  also see Amazon's use of this idea:

Will the ‘SmartStockUp’ program drive replenishment sales for Boxed?   by Matthew Stern

Consumers buy staple products in bulk to avoid running out, but it still invariably happens. E-tailer Boxed, whose business model is often said to resemble an e-commerce take on wholesale clubs like Costco, is trying a new method to remind customers to replenish.

Boxed has piloted a new program called SmartStockUp with about a quarter of its user base and is now expanding it to all its B2C customers, according to TechCrunch. SmartStockUp uses information it has about customer habits, such as purchase data, along with broader restocking trends to anticipate when customers will need to replenish a particular item. Boxed then displays a “Need this Now” or “Need this Soon” recommendation when the customer visits the website. .... " 

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