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Friday, August 25, 2017

APIs for Data Scientists

Good piece here,  the architecture is key, and well written APIs can make that happen.

How will APIs change the role of data scientists?  
By Gregor Herrmann on Hidden Insights   in SAS.com 

Application programming interfaces, otherwise known as APIs, are set to radically change the face of analytics. These little bits of code are working behind the scenes, hidden treasures that allow two pieces of code to talk to each other. This means that developers can borrow functionality from other apps. For example, Facebook’s API means that other apps can use its standard sign-in process. Google Maps’ API allows other apps to draw on its maps and location-finding technology, and not have to develop their own.

The potential impact of APIs in analytics is huge. From gathering data from new sources, through modelling and getting the results out to consumers, to evaluation, they can be beneficial to various steps across the whole analytical lifecycle. And this, in turn, is changing the role of data scientists, including citizen data scientists. .... " 

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