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Monday, August 21, 2017

Using the Blockchain to Clean Up the Niger Delta

This seemed new, and wondered how it worked, gets back to how a Blockchain  is a database.   And here connected to an online sensor database of  participants.

Using the Blockchain to Clean Up the Niger Delta

“We’re on the cusp of proving that blockchain has the potential to really change the way we think about social impact.” –Ben Siegel

“We’re looking to use feature phones and create a communication channel [between] the villager and our platform so that there’s an ability for the villager to be a 24/7 monitor” — not only for spills, but also for acts of terrorism such as bombing of pipelines and illegal refineries, Nnadi says. Such activities cost oil companies and the government a fortune and thus they could be motivated to help groups like community nonprofits. The basic thesis of the pilots is to “empower the 99 actors against the one bad actor.”

Sustainability International is planning to launch several pilots in the Niger Delta over the next year, starting with small, controlled tests. Its initial endeavor is actually to glean information about the clean-up process by doing the work manually at first and then adding layers of technology as appropriate. The nonprofit plans to work with people in the village instead of bringing in workers from outside the area; the blockchain will be piloted afterwards. “The core problems of our use case that we are looking to solve are provenance, payments, security and identity,” Nnadi says. ... " 

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