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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Data Science Terms

In DSC,  a good list of common data science terms. 

" ... post by Mic Farris. Mic is a Decision Science & Analytics Leader at CenturyLink. Two of the biggest buzzwords in our industry are “big data” and “data science”. Big Data seems to have a lot of interest right now, but Data Science is fast becoming a very hot topic.

I think there’s room to really define the science of data science – what are those fundamentals that are needed to make data science truly a science we can build upon?  ... "

I was expecting some more definitions, or links to more information, which DSC has lots of,  this is more of a glossary.  Would have liked for example a clear distinction between Data Science and Big Data.  Even from one industry's perspective.   Still useful to have at hand.

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