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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Making Calls with Google Home

I just complained about this, and to be clear it has still not rolled out to me.  But apparently is on its way.    Some of the apparent differences are described.    Have been using the Amazon Echo for this since the start of this year,  most often using it as an in-house intercom, which it does well. This for me most useful aspect of Echo calling is not mentioned in the article below.  GHome does not permit specific device intercom or two way service,  just outgoing  phone calls.     The Verge talks the specifics of trying this, will be doing that:

How to make phone calls with Google Home
It’s more flexible than making calls with Amazon’s Alexa  by Chris Welch 

Google’s smart speaker can now pull double duty as a phone for voice calls. The company just confirmed that it’s rolling out Google Home’s calling feature in the US and Canada beginning today. Users can dial anyone in their contacts and local businesses for free — so long as the call recipient is in one of those two countries. The calling feature was first announced back in May.

In turning its speaker into a phone, Google is taking another step to challenge Amazon and its Echo devices, which introduced calling and messaging features earlier this year. But the two companies take a significantly different approach in how the feature actually works and who you’re able to communicate with.   ... " 

See also: Google Home calling support page.

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