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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Category Management

Admit its been a long time since I have heard of  digitized category management prescription.   It deserves much better analytic method application.  More discussion below:

Is it time to reinvent category management?   In Retailwire   by Graeme McVie

Brian Harris, the “father of category management,” says that it’s past time to reinvent the effort and suggested there’s a need to move onto category management 2.0. Win Weber, another leading proponent, says the retail industry needs to change the way merchandising works because the concept of category management was formed before the internet was commercialized.

It’s not just the internet that wasn’t around when category management came into vogue. Data analytics capabilities were a fraction of what they are today. Data capture and the ability to deliver actionable information to front line employees are now several generations advanced. So how do we reinvent category management with technology that is geometrically more powerful? ... "

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