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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Microsoft Claims new Level of Speech Reco Accuracy

Claims to yet better cognitive performance.  Note the claim to improved contextual dialogs, utimately essential to speech interaction.  More open AI please.

Microsoft Claims New Speech Recognition Record, Achieving a Superhuman 5.1% Error Rate
By GeekWire 

Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence and Research Group on Sunday said it achieved a 5.1% error rate for its speech-recognition technology, an improvement over its 2016 record of 5.9% and IBM's 2017 milestone of 5.5%.

Microsoft's Xuedong Huang credits the achievement to "a series of improvements to our neural net-based acoustic and language models."

Huang says the team introduced an additional convolutional neural network integrated with a bidirectional long-short-term memory model for better acoustic modeling.

He also notes the researchers' approach to blend predictions from multiple acoustic models currently does so at both the frame/senone and word levels.

In addition, Huang says the team fortified the recognizer's language model by employing the complete history of a dialog session to predict what is likely to come next, which enables the model to adjust to the topic and local context of a conversation.  ... "

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