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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tech Changing the Job of the CEO

Remarking on the quote below, we consulted  directly with the C-Suite before execs had become used to using social communications, or even email with their employees.     So that is an opportunity today. Creative reward systems had not, and have still not caught up.

How technology is changing the job of the CEO   by Claudio Feser.
More than 75 chief executives and board chairs recently gathered to share concerns and offer one another advice.... "

Sent from McKinsey Insights .... 

" ... Technology provides new ways to listen to and engage with employees. “Lead with your ears, follow with your mouth,” as the CEO of one property company crisply put it, citing his father’s advice many years ago. One way of listening today is to crowdsource ideas, using digital-communications platforms. There was general agreement on the value of internal crowdsourcing to take advantage of knowledge on the factory floor and the front line. But Forum members acknowledged the challenge of finding an appropriate reward system for those who come up with new ideas—suggesting that this is another area where top-management attention is needed. ... " 

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