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Monday, August 28, 2017

Linkedin and Kafka

Been interested in how Linkdin could produce value for companies, this post is an interesting hint. And beyond this, how about integrating Linkedin People into Process?  What is process but the integration of people, decisions, data and process?  There is a potential gem here.  Reminds me of long ago discussions with Linkedin integrating corporate HR data architecture.    See further hints at WP:Apache Kafka.

LinkedIn’s latest open-source project aims to automate Kafka   By Maria Deutscher
 Apache Kafka, the framework used to manage the internal flow of data at companies such as Netflix Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is getting a usability boost.

The credit goes to a new open-source project from LinkedIn, which originally created Kafka back in 2011. Dubbed Cruise Control, the tool was developed by the social network to automate its internal deployment of the data streaming framework. LinkedIn said the cluster contains more than 1,800 individual Kafka instances, with more to come.    ... "

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