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Friday, August 25, 2017

AI Fashion Designer

Note the use of a classic recommendation approach.  Does this embody creativity as well?  Would like to see this compared direct to human design and measures like sales.

Amazon Has Developed an AI Fashion Designer 
in Technology Review  by  Will Knight 

Amazon researchers are working on machine-learning algorithms for analyzing, predicting, and leveraging trends in fashion design, with one Israel-based team having developed software that can infer how stylish a particular look is by analyzing only a few labels attached to images. Meanwhile, Amazon's Lab126 group has developed an algorithm that gleans a specific fashion style from example images so it can produce new items in similar styles from scratch, via a generative adversarial network. 

A recent Amazon-hosted workshop on machine learning and fashion highlighted research with broader applications to human behavior, including a project conducted by Cornell University professor Kavita Bala and colleagues. Bala says her team is using data collected from Instagram "to understand how people live their daily lives." In addition, a team from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign developed an algorithm for identifying fashion-focused social-network accounts, and Myntra unveiled software for guessing a person's correct apparel size based on past purchases.  ... " 

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