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Monday, October 31, 2016

More on Staples Using Voice to Deliver Easy Button Assistant

An attempt to move the voice driven digital assistant, like Amazon's Echo, into the office.  Brings back the 'Easy' marketing angle.   Would seem that Amazon has the opportunity to do this as well.  Implications for procurement systems in general?  Implied or actual intelligence beyond 'Easy' for procurement?   With some expert discussion.  In Retailwire: 

Staples brings Watson to digital office assistants by Tom Ryan

"  ... With the help of artificial intelligence-based IBM Watson, Staples is testing a digital assistant that let’s small and medium-size businesses order products, track shipments and potentially handle many more needs.

The Staples Easy System features a circular “Easy” button — a bit larger than a hockey puck —designed to sit on a desk. Pressing the button elicits a query: “Please tell me what you need?” Customers voice their answers, such as “blue pens” or “Post-it notes” to reorder products, or ask questions, such as “I need to check on my order.” In addition to the button, customers can use a mobile app, which can also respond to voice communication. Text and e-mail options are also available.   ... " 

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