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Monday, October 24, 2016

Marketing with a Watson Bot - GSK: Cough and Cold Pharma

An example of a bot style interaction with a product.   Using IBM Watson as a means to provide natural language, cognitive knowledge.  Again recall our Mr Clean efforts in this area. We did not have the Tech to deliver this directly through an ad.   More details to follow.  Look forward to trying this.  In CWorld:

With IBM's Watson, GlaxoSmithKline tackles sniffle and cough questions
If you start feeling a cold or flu coming on this season, you will be able to reach out to IBM's artificial intelligence-fueled Watson to find some answers to your sniffly, coughy questions.

GlaxoSmithKline, (GSK) the world's sixth-largest pharmaceutical company, is teaming up with IBM to use Watson to better connect with customers.

The London-based company plans to start using Watson Ads in November, enabling people to ask questions by voice or text right through GSK's online ads. ... "

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