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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Google Re-inventing the WhiteBoard

Have seen a number of attempts at this.  None really successful.  Perhaps the ultimate solution will be some augmented reality approach.    Surprised in particular that Google is playing here.  In CWorld:

Google is trying to reinvent the whiteboard

Jamboard is a cloud service and 55-inch display aimed at enhancing collaboration

What's big, red and supposed to be the next big thing in workplace collaboration? Google's new Jamboard, a massive touch display and accompanying cloud service that's supposed to help business users brainstorm together. 

Jamboard works like a digital whiteboard, letting users sketch out ideas, attach digital sticky notes, plus bring in content from the web into a single, constantly updating workspace. People can use Jamboard to collaborate both on the 55-inch mega-display of the same name, or using accompanying tablet and smartphone apps for iOS and Android. .... " 

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