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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Microsoft Announces Speech Recognition Breakthrough

Continued advances in Cognitive interaction.  While speech recognition is good today,  making it better will remove one barrier to interacting nimbly with spoken language.  'Understanding' semantically, with common sense implied,  is still not easy.

In SiliconAngle: 
In an announcement that could be the death knell for stenographers everywhere, Microsoft Corp says that it has made a major breakthrough in the field of speech recognition. According to the company, it has developed an artificial intelligence that is capable of understanding conversational speech at a rate comparable to real humans.  

 In a research paper published through Cornell University on Monday, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research team outlined the test they used to determine the effectiveness of their new system. According to the researchers, they tested their AI with the NIST 2000, an evaluation created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology that is specifically designed to determine the accuracy of speech recognition software. ... " 

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