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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Evolution of Selling Propositions

Term new to me, but like in many systems, we implemented early simple versions.

What Is a Meta-DSP and Why Should Advertisers Care?  By Chris Dobson.  

  As Landscape Shifts, CRM Agencies Partner With Marketing Tech Firms
Over the last 18 months, the term meta-DSP has become more widely used, but not necessarily understood. Forrester defines meta-DSPs as "ad tech platforms that have built a software layer on top of demand side platforms [DSPs] to centrally manage and operationalize campaign design, trafficking, tracking, and reporting across the DSPs it operates, with a high degree of automation."

Many solution providers have the same claims when it comes to technology, saying they have a real-time system that works across multiple DSPs. So what do marketers need to know about this advertising model and how can you spot the difference between a real meta-DSP and a fake one? ... " 

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