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Friday, October 14, 2016

Quantum Problems and Grocery

Interesting because we looked at potential problems for quantum, and very combinatorial problems are there.  But not, practically,  delivery routing.   Which by its nature is done well enough without it.

At the bleeding edge of AI: Quantum grocery picking and transfer learning
Computer vision, neural nets, and deep learning are hot topics at UK R&D centres.
by Bob Dormon

Don’t laugh, but there may come a time when quantum computers are sorting out your grocery deliveries, and if Paul Clarke, CTO of the online food store Ocado is right, it could be sooner than you think.

In an interview with Ars,  Clarke revealed his interest in quantum computing to solve the huge mathematical problems that surround automating delivery services. In theory, quantum computing is well suited to probabilistic tasks and will outperform classical computing platforms in this area… just not yet.

Even so, a future move from a binary to a quantum method, while complicated, could ultimately optimise vehicle routing tasks, which feature numerous variables. It could also deliver a boost to Ocado’s forthcoming robot grid technology, optimising the 4D (space and time) conundrums that this much-touted but yet-to-be-unveiled system grapples with. ...."

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