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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MicroStrategy Desktop Now Free

Examined MicroStrategy for the enterprise some time ago, and found it to be very good.  Nice to see this added to the growing free BI viz options.  For students or the small business especially.  Worth a look.  Plan to try the R integration.

MicroStrategy Desktop BI software now free
BI vendor MicroStrategy said today that its Desktop software is now free, adding to the affordable self-service BI landscape that includes Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI and others. MicroStrategy Desktop 10.5 is available for download at https://www.microstrategy.com/us/desktop.

Customers who currently use MicroStrategy Web "can seamlessley connect MicroStrategy Desktop to their existing projects," the company said in its announcement. "Additionally, by downloading their dashboards from the server to MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web users can work locally and offline." MicroStrategy Web is still a paid product.  .... "

 ... The desktop version of the software can connect to multiple types of data sources from spreadsheets to Hadoop for data visualization, including some GIS capabilities from Esri. There's also an add-on R Integration Pack. .. ." 

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