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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Microsoft Releases five Data Viz and Storytelling Courses

 Following up now ...

Microsoft Power BI team releases courses on data visualization and storytelling by Pradeep

With Microsoft Power BI, data journalism goes beyond data exploration and allows reporters, bloggers, broadcasters, and analysts to spend their time telling stories. Data visualization tools like Power BI helps emphasize messages and engage audiences through immersive and data rich stories. Microsoft Power BI team recently collaborated with renowned visualization expert Alberto Cairo to share the methodology behind graphics and how they can support data storytelling by developing five Data Visualization and Storytelling courses.

The Data Visualization and Storytelling courses include an introduction to visualization, an overview on data exploration, detail on truthful visualization, tips for choosing the right graphics, and insights on design and narrative. Additionally, the classes feature Power BI demos throughout, so viewers can follow along and apply their learnings.   ... "    
See more info at the link.

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