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Sunday, October 23, 2016

End of the Data Scientist Era? Not Right Away.

In Forbes.  Insightful article by Margaret Harrist of Oracle.   An interesting view of how data science is moving towards becoming automated.     Agree this is happening,  though the time required and dynamics it will require to become common will vary considerably by business domain.    It is pointed out there are three broad skills sets involved:

" -  The business-savvy data scientist, typically hired by lines of business.

   - The programmer data scientist who’s adept with statistical analysis toolkits, often hired to work in the IT department.

   - The algorithm expert who can build hypothesis and statistical models, frequently hired by startups and marketing agencies.  ... "

True its  rare to see all of these in one person.  And also inefficient to have them in one person.  Saw this at several enterprise interactions.  Companies try to hire programmers/algorithm experts, with no business saavy.  Difficult to establish ongoing expertise linked to the business.  We are evolving towards systems that will operate by the business process and data experts, not programmers.  Timing will vary, and there will still always be need for some 'science' to develop new techniques.   But probably not as many coders as before.

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