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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cisco on the Gateway to the Future

Have recently been watching Cisco scroll by on my 'set top box', and musing how this is all efficiently brings together internet and other media and the future connected home.   Found this recent piece:

By Joe Chow, vice president, Connected Devices Business Unit, Cisco

" ... Every couple of years, dating way, way, way back, someone boldly questions the future of customer premise equipment (CPE), and in particular, the set-top box. (To test this logic, do a search on “the death of the set-top box.”)

This week is all about shaking off old perceptions, and building anew. So I’ll say it – set-tops are not what they used to be. They will continue to transform dramatically. The Connected Home is evolving to gateways. Allow me to explain. Think of a home with three HDTVs. Servicing all three used to mean using three, full-featured set-tops. Modern set-tops (themselves morphing toward gateways) enable a service provider to put in one main set-top, which feeds video over IP to client boxes, which are much smaller and less expensive. Instead of three full-featured set-tops, one, connected to as many smaller, more cost-effective clients as there are big screens to feed.  ... " 

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