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Saturday, January 31, 2015

MIT ConceptNet5 Stores Knowledge

Via Jim Spohrer, some Notes from the recent AAAI meetings:

" .. I ran into Henry Lieberman (MIT) at AAAI15 conference on Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/CognitiveScience (AI/Robotics/CogSci). Henry suggested that I check out MIT's ConceptNet5

ConceptNet5 contains over 10 millions assertions (facts) about the world.  An example fact is "An apple is a fruit" ... Here are some fun facts about MIT's ConceptNet5: (1) over 10 million assertions (facts)  (2) over 7 million English assertions (facts) (3) 50 relationships (4) nearly 3 million English concepts  If you want to know more, check out my blog post here:

Further .... ConceptNet includes Cyc's upper ontology and some items from DBpedia as well.    ... "  

Some of my response: I wrote more about our investigation of the Cyclopedia work here. 

Also for a while, Cycorp was posting snippets of knowledge on Twitter. Which I thought was a clever idea. But they have not done so since March 2013. More about that effort here, and a link to the tweets to date.  With IBM's collaboration with Twitter this might be an interesting effort to reexamine.

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