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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mobile Shopping Myths from Data Insight

In McKinsey:   An instructive look at UK mobile data:

" ... Understanding what matters in mobile is increasingly critical as people become ever more wedded to digital devices. In the United Kingdom, for instance, two out of three adults own a smartphone, checking it an average of more than 150 times a day.1 And two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users say mobile has meaningfully changed the way they shop, with more than a third of them visiting fewer brick-and-mortar stores2 —a number that only seems set to rise.

Perhaps it’s no wonder many retailers are scrambling to invest in digital apps, as well as other sophisticated tools and features. Yet they should stop and ask what consumers really want. Because while the perfect mobile strategy has yet to be devised, fresh McKinsey research on mobile habits in the United Kingdom3 suggests it should be based on a simple principle: providing a fast, easy, enjoyable shopping experience. Few mobile shoppers are actively looking for “bells and whistles,” such as video, expert opinions, or magazine-style articles—at least not yet. They want clean, mobile-optimized sites with easy-to-read pages that load quickly, easy-to-use shopping carts, and smooth checkouts  ... "

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