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Sunday, January 25, 2015

How Big Data is Changing New Product Development

Below is an  collaborative webinar featuring two groups I have done work with.  And includes Tom Davenport, who included our analytics efforts at Procter & Gamble in his books.   I am looking forward to attending.

WHAT: How Big Data is Changing New Product Development + FREE white paper "Product Development in the Age of Big Data: What You Need to Know"
WHO: A Live Webinar with Tom Davenport and Kobi Gershoni
WHEN: January 29, at 11:00 am Pacific Time/2:00 pm Eastern Time
HOW: Click this link to register

Signals is proud to announce a webinar in partnership with Innovation Excellence, the world’s largest crowdsourced innovation website, with over 150,000 unique visitors from 170 countries.
In this 50-minute webinar, Tom Davenport and Kobi Gershoni will answer questions around what it means to embed the intelligence from Big Data in the development of new products and services and how it will change the work and landscape of new product development. They will explain the practical challenges organizations are facing today and share the key success factors for embedding Big Data in the NPD.

WHAT will you learn:
The main decision points in every NPD process, from ideation to launch that can be supported with Big Data
The types of new product data with which companies are increasingly being faced with
The current and future role of product developers
How other companies are harnessing “product intelligence” - from better, faster decision-making to embedding better data and smarter analytics in the NPD process

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