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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unified Decision Processes Driven with Data

At the Webinar today from Innovation Excellence by Julie Anixter on Big Data and New Product development,  Kobi Gershoni and Tom Davenport highlighted the work done over the years by Procter & Gamble in driving analytics towards operational big data, and by using their Business Sphere and Data Cockpit models.   These are ecosystems that provide a means towards a unified decision model.   Linking analytics ever more closely to the decision process.   Some excellent examples provided.   Slides and recording here.  Glad to have been a part of that analytics emphasis there over a number of years.  The alumni of that effort continue to drive this ahead.

(Updated:  See this startup, which is doing fundamental work about getting NPD data entered into the system and thus an excellent first step for a unified system )

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