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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens Demonstration

Saw a demonstration of Microsoft HoloLens today.  An impressive see-through visor that sits on your head and can give you 3-D holographic experiences.   Wirelessly.   Spatial Audio.  Gaze tracking. Gesture and Voice driven.  3D Spatial sensors and mapping without markers.  An associated creation and design tool called HoloStudio.

 I have worked on industry applications for the concept for years, but this is the first approach that appears to be business practical.  Works under the soon forthcoming Windows 10. More obtrusive now than Google Glass, but clearly not meant to be worn all the time.    Link to 3D printing was shown. Could change the way much  complex 3D design and interactions are done.  Obvious gaming implications.  A new interface with computing.   Overlaps virtual reality AND augmented reality. More in Mashable.  Demo at about 1:37 in video here.  Developed in collaboration with the NASA Jet Propulson Laboratory.

This also has the potential as another data source for analytics applications.  Or how about analytic applications that interact with the 3D world?

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