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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Automated Hypothesis Generation

Took a brief look at this at the request of a client, it is still in evolution.    The Watson Chef is an interesting example, but it is overwhelmed today by dozens of recipe search engines that are 'good enough'.   More generally hypothesis generation is a very valuable direction.

In the Economist:  A new type of software helps researchers decide what they should be looking for

" .... Devising new recipes sounds a trivial use for a multimillion-dollar piece of kit. But Dr Gordon’s culinary experiment neatly demonstrates the idea of automated hypothesis generation—and the possible uses of that are certainly not trivial. More than 90 groups of scientists are now developing hypothesis-generation software. They hope to use it not on recipe books but on the vast corpus of scientific literature (by one tally at least 50m scientific papers) that has piled up in public databases. ... 

It all, then, looks rather promising, both for science and for IBM—which launched a commercial version of its automated-hypothesis-generation software in August. Dr Gordon hopes Discovery Advisor, as this service is known, will be a money-spinner for the firm. If that does happen, it will probably be because it has also proved an ideas-spinner for science. ... "

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