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Monday, January 26, 2015

Wrist Smart Marketing

In Retailwire:  In-store broadcasting to Smart Watches.  More from InMarket.  I see they are looking at the behavioral interaction between shopper and wearable.  We were also most concerned with what the shopper really wanted in such communications.   We looked at smart displays, cart based devices, smartphones and even wearables before they were feasible.

" ...    Working with Los Angeles-based startup InMarket, Marsh installed beacons across its 75 stores. Shoppers who use Marsh's mobile app or one of the apps in inMarket's numerous applications will be able to decide if they want to receive push notifications on their Watch (when it arrives in March) or smartphone when they enter the store. InMarket's apps include LisEase, Key Ring, Epicurious and CheckPoints. The company's beacon platform reaches 18 percent of all U.S. mobile users, per comScore.

Marsh decides which apps are triggered by the beacons and customers are able to choose which apps work. If approved, a shopping list may pop up for a customer when they enter the store. Shoppers may also be pinged with recipe suggestions or offers in aisles. InMarket believes the Watch is more suitable for messaging than the smartphone. ... " 

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