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Friday, January 16, 2015

An Evolution of Wearables

Thad Starner, who we followed from his days at MIT, now a Prof at Ga Tech, discusses the history and evolution of wearbles.  In Computing Now.   Excellent details are included.  " ... Thad Starner, who has been wearing a "homebrew" computer with a head-up display as part of his daily life since 1993, discusses why it has taken so long for wearables to capture consumer interest. He discusses the various challenges of designing wearable systems and presents five different phases of head-mounted displays, illustrating how improvements in technology allowed progressively more useful and usable devices. ... " 

Related, we hear today about the reported restructuring of the Google Glass project at Apple.  Is this evidence of its demise?   My discussions with futurists and developers shows that Glass now  focuses on hands-free, narrow task specific oriented applications.  Not general consumer browsing awareness. And thus shrinking in volume.

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