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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Customization Nation with Services and Supply Chain

In Retailwire:   Thoughts about the meaning of services in retail.  Beyond the classic offering of a selection of products.  New changes in the relationship of retailer and manufacturer.  I like the idea that customers are building their own supply chains with the same customization idea.

" ... Supermarket operators are buying into the concept of customization, taking risks and challenging the old ways of doing business. The reward is a distinct uptick in relevance to the shopper.

"As retailers, we have the intimate relation with the shopper," said Bill Nasshan, executive vice president & chief merchandising officer at Bi-Lo Holdings, LLC. "But to become even better, we need to move from just asking the shopper, 'Did you find everything you needed' to 'You should try this product.'" ... ' 

" ... In a session presented by Anthony Flynn, CEO of YouBar and author of Custom Nation, the premise was that grocery retailing is an industry grounded in the delivery of mass produced goods through bricks and mortar locations. But technology now enables consumers to create their own customized supply chains and requires personalized products designed to meet particular needs. What impact will the rise of customization have on traditional and ecommerce retailing? ... " 

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