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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beaconing at Marsh Supermarkets

Continued indication that the interconnection of shoppers and physical spaces is progressing, this was reported on previously here in more detail, see tags below.  Note in particular the mention of a Watch.  Wearable solutions could make this a more convenient and natural interaction. The data gathered, linked with loyalty information, could provide further capabilities.

Marsh Supermarkets offers Beacon messaging to Apple Watch, smartphones 
Marsh Supermarkets has partnered with InMarket to install a Beacon messaging system that communicates with shoppers via the Apple Watch and smartphones to offer relevant content such as shopping lists, coupons and promotions when they walk in the door. The company has also integrated its customer service management software to track purchases matched with app usage to measure the sales impact of coupons, ads and even store layout. ... "

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