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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cyc, the Enterprise and Wikipedia

Recent research had me take a look back on the Cyc project, which we had examined during our AI explorations.   We talked to Lenat's Cycorp. The system promised to encode common sense knowledge relationships and make it available for natural language search and reasoning. It is a semantic analysis of knowledge.

Although it looked very promising, we were unable at the time to integrate it into our rule based reasoning effort.  If our expert systems had seen broader use,  a next step use would have been to include corporate enterprise knowledge using Cyc.

By overlaying the Cyc structure on our internal enterprise Wikipedia?  What might this have looked like?    An examination of the Wikipedia page in Cyc. I  found the following reference  " ... Cyclopedia is being developed; it superimposes Cyc keywords on pages taken from Wikipedia pages. ... "   A paper referenced talks about the project.  A followup paper.  And a sample page is shown.   Nothing about the project seems to exist after 2012.

Not sure of the current state of this work.  Does anyone know?  References would be appreciated.

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