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Thursday, December 19, 2013

AI as Our Final Invention

In the WP:  A perhaps scary look at what AI can ultimately lead to.   This has been discussed for a long time.    I am inclined to be optimistic here.  Sure there will be problems, perhaps even disasters, but the checks will be built in as we proceed.  " ... lately I’ve become obsessed with an issue so daunting it makes even the biggest “normal” questions of public life seem tiny. I’m talking about the risks posed by “runaway” artificial intelligence (AI). What happens when we share the planet with self-aware, self-improving machines that evolve beyond our ability to control or understand? Are we creating machines that are destined to destroy us?  ... "

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I read the article you linked to and found it interesting. Having read (not sure I understood) "The Singularity is Near" I still find the thoughts fascinating. The ever increasing rate of acceptance and application of new technologies could make Kurzweil's predictions be very important to our future. Maybe the old bomb shelter could be a hide-out shelter.