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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Retailers Embrace Digital Coupons

Via Steve Frenda, Managing Director, The Path to Purchase Institute  in Linkedin

Well done piece authored by Google's Zavers

The Tipping Point: Retailers Embrace Digital Couponing.
Lots of interesting statistics and background in this article.

" ... Over the last two decades, technology has helped put security and distribution controls in place to  build the online coupon system that we see today. With the rise of smartphone usage, we see an  even more dramatic shift for consumers away from traditional clip-and-save paper coupons and  towards digital coupons. In a recent Google survey, 59% of consumers said they have loaded  coupons onto a loyalty card (from mobile or web).1  To understand the digital coupon mindset of retailers, Google commissioned Retail TouchPoints to  survey nearly 150 retail executives. .... " 

The link above is to a Dropbox Download.

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