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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Role of Intuition in Analytics: Abductive Reasoning

Intuition, creativity, even directed randomness are parts of analytics.  And thus also part of what we are now calling 'Big Data'.   Now how we do implement the use of intuition?  By setting up easily used sand boxes that allow us to test alternative solutions easily.  In the design world this is called 'abductive reasoning'.  It uses simulation methods to perform testing.  Worth examining. On this topic Tom Davenport writes in   The HBR and discusses further.

   " ... Many people have asked me over the years about whether intuition has a role in the analytics and data-driven organization. I have always reassured them that there are plenty of places where intuition is still relevant. For example, a hypothesis is an intuition about what’s going on in the data you have about the world. The difference with analytics, of course, is that you don’t stop with the intuition — you test the hypothesis to learn whether your intuition is correct. ... " 

  Well said.  We have been doing it for years.  Consider also adding a gamifying process to both evaluate the results and varying their application.

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