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Monday, December 30, 2013

Discovery Driven Prototyping

In Computing Now:     An area we examined.  Here an abstract of the paper at the link:

" ... A new prototyping technique uses discovery-driven prototypes to let users control what they can and would like to do with new technologies. The authors describe this technique and examine its effectiveness, reviewing a series of in situ user studies.

It has always been challenging for designers and developers to readily pinpoint potentially viable opportunities for emerging technologies in people's daily lives. In ubiquitous computing in particular, the uncontrollable dynamics of a user's context makes this issue even more prominent. In this article, the authors assume they can't hypothesize what users of new technologies will desire. To address this challenge, they developed discovery-driven prototyping, which lets users control what they will do with new technologies. Here, the authors describe DDP and its effectiveness through a series of in- situ user studies. .. " 

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