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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Evolution of ETL

In Information Management:  Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) is a key process  for the use of information to make it ready for analytics.  It's changing to make it ready for new volumes and volatility.  What does this look like?  Good thoughts on the changes occuring:

" ... In today’s world, data is generated and collected faster than ever before. In the past, most data was generated by humans, typing data into application forms, ringing up purchases at point of sale machines and so on. Now, the majority of the data created is machine generated, collected in application logs and produced by sensors. The verbosity and sampling rate of these sources has exploded as computing capacity has expanded, storage has become cheaper and the business value of this data has increased. ... As experience tells us, just putting the data somewhere is not the goal. Extracting, transforming and loading this data to an analytic system is what brings true life and enablement to the data we have collected. For this purpose, we have our trusted workhorse, the ETL platform. But it, too, must evolve in order to serve in this challenging new world. ... " 

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