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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Business Models for the Data Economy

Just brought to my attention, It's the 'other' way of monetizing big data, a topic I am examining:

Business Models for the Data Economy by Q. Ethan McCallum and Ken Gleason
Free Kindle edition.  A 29 page brief survey.  Just examining. They write:

" ... Business Models for the Data Economy: Description You're sitting on a pile of interesting data. How do you transform that into money? It's easy to focus on the contents of the data itself, and to succumb to the (rather unimaginative) idea of simply collecting and reselling it in raw form. While that's certainly profitable right now, you'd do well to explore other opportunities if you expect to be in the data business long-term. In this paper, we'll share a framework we developed around monetizing data. We'll show you how to think beyond pure collection and storage, to move up the value chain and consider longer-term opportunities. .... 

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