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Monday, December 30, 2013

MindMeld Again: Focusing Employee Work

Early this year I mentioned MindMeld,  which was meant to monitor your conversations and give helpful advice.  Now MindMeld is here as an App.  We looked to methods like this to help focus employee work.  The focus ended up being formed by focusing key available tools and required data.  The delivering that on a mobile App.    Adding an intelligent scan of communications would add another useful capability, but the semantic intelligence to do this well is still hard.   Technology Review gives it a mixed review.   Will give it a try and report on its applicability to this task.

Recall I also looked at Zakta as a solution.

Update: Read the comments on this App.  It is not what I had been expecting, to help provide work focus.  Appears to require Facebook.  Security an issue?  Still plan to take a closer look.

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