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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Showrooming and Webrooming

A retail story,  Inspired by a post by correspondent Herb Sorensen.  I relate our experience:

 .... We were recently in local Costco buying a relatively expensive piece of electronic equipment. Aided by a knowledgeable sales person there and a smartphone.  I scanned the barcodes on several items in the big stacks of product, aiming to do a comparison.  We had a half dozen criteria.  Price was there, but not the major criterion.  Online support for the understanding the specifications were good.  We talked to, lost and then reeled in the salesperson as needed. He seemed very knowledgeable  and objective.   Individual models also included a tag which contained star system peer reviews, like you see online.  More Web-rooming.  We had done our research before, the whole process took about twenty minutes.  The sale was made in the store, the price on line was very close.  Item was big and we wanted immediate gratification. ...

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