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Monday, June 11, 2012

Put the Where into Analytics

An important point in this general overview of the integration of Business Intelligence and Geographical Information Systems.  GIS is a database with geographical components.   We were early users of this concept, where the Geo aspect of the data came from addresses,  inferred location and even satellite sensors.  Now we have much more of this kind of information, with information coming from many more sensors.  I suggest further that it is further useful to flip the leverage and make sure to also put the Analytics into the Where.  That allows  you to build improvement into the gathered data.

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Art Caisse-TeleGroup Venture Partners said...

This is exactly what we do at Amristar.com. We suggest that whatever you deem 'Big Data' to be, that 80% Plus has a Spatial Component to it. Historically, Gov has been addressing this on big machines. Recently Google and others have hit it from the Individual's perspective. Enterprise is in the middle. Neither the old desktop or new mobile vendors are really positioned or enabled to address all three: Desktop/Mobile/Enterprise. Amristar began addressing these 10 years ago and is designed to take it even farther. In any event, yes, this is a very real and exciting sector.