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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inserting Your Thoughts Anywhere in 3D

In FastCompany: This general idea has been around for some time, but it has never been implemented well.  Consider the advertising implications.

" ... Itching to spray a wall with graffiti but not down with the whole civil disobedience thing? All together now: There's an app for that ...Wallit is a new location-aware app which advertises itself with the tagline "walls for places." Essentially it lets its users place a digital Post-it note, or an invisible piece of graffiti if you like, on a virtual "wall" connected to a real place on Earth. Despite its newness, it just added a social element to version 1.1 called "super walls" that links the tags for similar places around the world, so you can leave your mark at a local Starbucks and also see what other folks at the 15,000 other Starbucks venues around the world are saying. It's free, silly, lovable and a taste of the reality-blurring that's about to become part of our normal existence.... "

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