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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Evernote Acquires Penultimate for Handwriting

I see that the Evernote note-taking company has acquired the Penultimate handwriting capture system.  More details here.    I have used and enjoyed Evernote on tablets, phones and laptops for some time.  I have not used handwriting directly on a tablet format device for a long time.  Not sure that being able to do that buys me very much, since I am just not used handwriting for note taking recently.  And my handwriting, once very accurate,  has deteriorated much from lack of practice.  Will be interesting to see if I will use it. 

Update:  I took a closer look at Penultimate, and its more of a generalized note taking iPad app than a handwriting interpreting method.  Good if you like sketching and have some artistic inclination.   Similar to Evernote's Skitch tool.  I assume it will be integrated with Skitch.   May work or not depending on the width and clumsiness of your fingers.

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