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Monday, June 11, 2012

Adstock Model of Advertising Effectiveness

The use of the Adstock Model was just brought to my attention.  Have never utilized it, but wonder of there are others out there who have and have some comments on its broad use, especially beyond its usual use in TV ads, here is the abstract,  from the full technical paper.

" ... This paper is intended as a review of existing models of Television Adstock transformations that enable the inclusion of dynamic and nonlinear effects of Television advertising within linear sales response models.Television advertising is one of the largest investments for consumer marketing and companies invest a lot of effort in measuring the impact and ROI of TV advertising. This is typically done using either individual response(e.g. Discrete Choice models) aggregate response (e.g. Marketing-mixmodels). For the purposes of this paper, we will restrict our inquiry to aggregate response models. These models are linear in parameters but canaccount for non-linearity through variable transformations.... "

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